2020 was a wild ride.  It seems like it's been a hundred years since January, and still there's uncertainty left hanging in the air.  This might sound like the worst time to buy a planner, but all the things that make planning difficult also making planning absolutely essential.

If you want to make the most of 2021, it's time to start using a planner.  Why?

Things are more unpredictable than ever.

While many people led unpredictable lives even before the pandemic, Covid-19 has inspired chaos even among the most planning-savvy.  Developing a planner habit in 2021 can keep you on-track to achieve your goals, even when your days are full of Zoom calls and telecommuting.

It's harder than ever to stay focused.

Even under the best of circumstances, focus is a rare commodity.  This is especially true if you wear multiple hats -- parent, employee, teacher, spouse, and book club leader, anyone?  But no matter how many different things are pulling your focus this year, a planner allows you to give each a dedicated space for clarity, accountability, and tracking.

The days (and weeks, and months) are blurring together.

Many people rely on their day-to-day routine to remember what day it is.  When that routine is obliterated, do you have an anchor to hold you to a day?  If you had a daily planner habit, you would.  Following along and accomplishing things every day -- even if that thing is "wash your hair and change your clothes" -- helps to connect you to the passing days.

Having a plan is the only way out.

If you made plans in 2020, only to find that they absolutely fell apart when the pandemic hit, you're not alone.  But now it's more important than ever to have a plan to get through the daily clutter.  Otherwise, you may get sucked up in the little things and forget what you were working toward before this all hit.


While the entire world is in a state of transition due to the pandemic, having a steady plan (and the motivation to work towards it) can make all the difference between being overwhelmed and being right on track.  No matter how the virus has already affected you, it's not too late to turn things around in your favor.