If you have resolved to be more financially responsible from now on, you should understand that it can be a challenge. If your mind is used to being free with money, you will struggle with a sense of inner rebellion. Healthy new habits can take time to establish themselves -- it usually takes eight weeks.

Putting in the time and effort to become more financially responsible is important, because good finances can affect every part of your life, from your professional career to your relationships with people.  Here are four steps that you can take to improve your financial health.

Starting small can help you retain interest in your financial resolution

It's important to understand that nothing motivates people as well as seeing results.  To make sure that you get to see and enjoy those results often, it's important to start with small, short-term goals.  The more easily you achieve them, the higher you can aim.

Remember that you need to account for small indulgences in your budget

If you need to save, and find yourself constantly feeling guilty about the money that you spend on yourself, there's an easy way out.  You only need to budget for your indulgences, and make sure that you don't run over budget at any point.  Many studies have shown that prioritizing yourself can boost your happiness.  The happier you are, the better you are able to work, and improve your finances.

Visualize your goals

Visualizing your goals is one of the best ways that you can stay in touch with them.  The better you are able to stay in touch with your goals, the more motivated you will feel.  There are many ways to visualize your financial goals.

If saving for your retirement is a goal, you can visualize it by writing down the amount of money that you hope to save by the time you retire, and putting it up on the fridge.  If you would like to save for a future holiday, putting up pictures of your dream destination on the wall can help.  Keeping your dream at the top of your mind can boost your happiness, and help you stay focused on working toward it.

Find a financial friend

When you want to commit yourself to a fitness plan, often, roping in a friend for the journey can help.  It's no different with committing to a financial fitness plan.  Finding a financially responsible friend to share your financial journey with can help you stay motivated.  All you need to do is to find someone who wants to achieve a savings goal just like you, and routinely share with them how well you are doing.  Since sharing positive news feels good, you'll feel motivated to do the best you can.


Helping yourself reach a better financial state is not hard.  It just requires a change to the way you think about money.  When you commit to a responsible spending and saving plan, achieving financial wellness can become easy.