Every day is a chance to be awesome - so why not make it happen every single day? You can do this by following a few simple steps. Apply them to your daily life to make the most of every situation and be great.

Focus on what’s important

Trying to achieve greatness every day is easier than you think, just focus on the things that are most important. Not focusing on the things that are counterproductive will allow you to use your time effectively and efficiently.

  • Before starting a task, ask yourself if it will make a difference to you or someone else. Will it help accomplish a different task that matters? If it won't, cut the task and focus on something that has an impact.

  • Don’t judge what is important based on your mood! Allow your mood to settle before deciding whether or not it matters.

  • Dedicate ten minutes each day to taking time off and completely unattaching from your phone and laptop. For the rest of the time, spend your time doing productive activities.

Handle the big things first

Although small tasks produce results, it is important that you spend time on the bigger projects and give them your full attention. If you focus all day on small things, there won’t be any time left for bigger ones that can have a great impact on your goals.

  • If you make sure to organize your time and get the big projects done throughout the day, then you'll free up space for smaller tasks later. Before you know it, all these great things will get accomplished!

Avoid accepting mediocrity

Recognize that there are no spaces in your life for anything less than the best, and you’ll find it easier to set high standards for yourself and reach them.

  • Develop the necessary patience to scrap an unsatisfactory project and start afresh. It might seem like a waste at first, but in reality it can save your time and lead to better results.

  • The simple act of starting over can make you feel a lot better than if you keep going but know it won’t be your best work.

Are you impacting others?

A good way to judge whether you’re producing greatness is to look at the impact your actions have on the lives of others. Are your actions significant enough to leave a lasting impression?

  • If so, then you’ve done a wonderful job of it and should be very proud of yourself.


When you allow yourself to pour energy into the changes necessary for greatness, you’ll soon realize that after a while, it will be hard- if not impossible- for you to do anything less than great.

Following this process will make it so that you look forward to your days, knowing that they will be filled with greatness. You will know that each day you’re really making a difference and can rest well at night, expecting the next day will be just as great!