There’s no arguing with the fact that being single can be more financially challenging.  An additional income is a great advantage, and two people have relatively similar living expenses as a single person.  Being single means having to pay for everything yourself.

If you’re living life as a single, consider adopting these financial habits:

  1. Limit the size of your home to match your budget.  Only requiring a one-bedroom apartment to satisfy your living space needs is one advantage of being single.  It can be tempting to try to compete with your married friends.  Resist this urge and limit your housing to what you really need.

    • Most people spend 90% of their time at home in the bedroom, kitchen, and living room anyway. You can do all of that in a small home or apartment and save your money for more important things.
  1. Successful singles take advantage of being the sole decision maker.  Being single means having the freedom to make decisions without having to accommodate the desires of others.  It also means there isn’t anyone there to keep you honest.  Take the time to make good financial decisions.  Take advantage of the fact that you’re in control.

  2. Travel with a friend.  If you don’t have a significant other, traveling can be much more expensive.  This is mostly due to paying for accommodations by yourself.  In general, a hotel room for two costs the same as a room for a single.  Consider going on vacation with a friend or review vacations designed for singles.

    • There are also many options today to minimize lodging costs. Do a search online and you’ll be surprised at the many ways to reduce these costs.
  1. Pay yourself first.  This is an excellent habit for anyone, but it’s especially important for singles.  The need for an emergency fund is greater for singles.  You’re the only person paying into it.  If a real financial challenge appears, you’re the only one available to handle it.  Pay yourself first so you’re ready for anything.

  2. Start saving for retirement immediately.  If you stay single, you’ll be your only source of retirement savings and investment.  You might not plan on staying single, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.  Besides, saving for retirement is an excellent habit for anyone.

While being single has its challenges, it also has many benefits.  You alone control your finances and can make all the decisions.  The responsibility is on you to make smart choices.  Minimize your expenses where you can.  It’s all about saving, protecting your income, and being prepared for the future.  aBegin adopting the habits of financially successful singles today.