Are you getting your recommended daily allowance of vegetables? Here's how to save money by adding in more vegetables to your diet.

  • Buy only local produce.  Most of the local produce you can find in your grocery store is less expensive than the fruits and vegetables shipped to your store from far away.  Plus, it's fresher and healthier than non-local food, considering it hasn't endured a long trip – and loads of chemicals – to your super market.

  • Shop at farmers' markets.  Shopping at farmers markets gives you the opportunity to buy local produce straight from the farm.  Usually you'll find good deals on in-season fruits and vegetables.  Also, if the price is not to your liking, you can haggle for a better deal on your produce!

  • Join a community-supported agriculture program.  This is another way to buy local food directly from a farmer.  In this type of program, you buy a share of the produce with your subscription or membership.  Then, you'll receive a box or bag of a variety of produce every week during the farming season.

  • Pick the fruits and vegetables yourself.  Some farms even let you pick the fruits and vegetables yourself!  Depending on the farm, you can pick your own produce for less than buying it at the grocery store.  Since you're dealing with the farm owner, you may even be able to negotiate your price.  Plus, you know exactly how fresh your produce is!

  • Grow the fruits and vegetables yourself.  Farming and gardening is not everyone’s idea of a wonderful life, but it has many advantages!  You can pick what you want to grow, if you want an organic garden, and much more.  Save money and reap the benefits!

  • Plan your menu around what's on sale.  Each week, plan your meals ahead of time based on what's on sale this week.  Check your Sunday paper for the ads.  When the next week rolls around, shop according to the new sales.

  • Avoid prepackaged foods.  Fruits, vegetables, and grains are more expensive when bought prepackaged.  Be creative and assemble your own fresh fruit and vegetable trays and salads with your favorite foods.  Cook fresh produce ahead of time and freeze or invest in a canner/cooker or food dehydrator to prepare your fresh produce for longer storage.

  • Keep an eye out for coupons.  Gather coupons from your newspaper, online, or even at the store.  When you use a coupon on a sale item, you save even more!