Do you love houseplants, but they don't love you back?  Houseplants can be tricky business, so if you're struggling to maintain a luscious indoor garden, start with some of the following houseplants, and you'll have a thriving ecosystem in your living room in no time.  And don't worry if you're sick of being told to 'just get a cactus!'.  This is a cactus-free zone.  (Spoiler, they can die too!)

  1. Spider Plant

These plants are ultra low maintenance, and they can handle quite significant neglect.  The ideal combination!  A spider plant is the perfect beginner plant.  Just put it somewhere it can see sunlight, water it when you remember (once every week or two should be fine), and feel like a plant genius.  If you keep it especially happy, it will even pop out some baby spider plants for you.

  1. Philodendron Brasil

This is a super easy houseplant to care for and, as a bonus, it has really interesting look about it.  It has flat, dark green heart-shaped leaves, with flashes of lime green.  If it really likes you, it will throw out some leaves that are 100% lime colored.  To care for this plant, put it in a window (they look great in hanging planters), and let it do its thing.  If you can't get it near a window, it will tolerate slightly lower light, but it won't grow as quickly.  Water maybe once a week, but they like to be a little dry, so a good drink every two weeks is fine.  In the summer months, this plant should throw new leaves out like crazy.

  1. Mother in Law's Tongue

Also know as Snake Plant or by its more formal name Dracaena trifasciata, this plant is great for neglectful owners.  It doesn't need bright light, it doesn't need lots of water, and it doesn't care about humidity.  Just a brilliant all-rounder.  Keep this plant wherever you want and don't water it much.  It's a dramatic looking plant, with tall, inflexible, pointed leaves (is the name making sense yet?), and it'll be the least fussy plant you'll ever buy.  If it's happy, it will push out some little baby leaves; in brighter light these will grow fairly quickly, but in low light they'll take their time.

  1. Neon Pothos

There's a huge range of Pothos types from which to choose, but the Neon Pothos is something special.  As the name suggests, it has ultra-bright neon green leaves, and it's just a beauty.  It's another hanging plant, so put it on a shelf and it's good to go.  It does like brighter light, but it will survive in lower light; the leaves will just be smaller, and it will grow less quickly.  This plant can tolerate a bit of a drought, so if you neglect it for a couple of weeks, it will forgive you.

  1. Monstera Deliciosa

You've seen this beautiful thing on Instagram (also known as the Swiss Cheese plant).  You've thought to yourself "there's no way I could care for that, it looks so fussy."  Well, that's where you're wrong!  These plants love a bit of neglect.  Just ignore it and let it do its thing.  Stick it in a semi-bright area of the house, give it a good watering when you remember (every week or two is fine), and watch it grow.

These plants are all readily available (and very hard to kill), so go forth and enjoy your new-found green thumb!