Today is April Fool’s Day, a day that is observed all over the globe!  One of humanity’s common bonds is the love of fun and laughter.  Laughter is the medicine that heals difficulties, and now more than ever it is important to incorporate some enjoyment into each day.

April Fool’s might normally be celebrated with pranks, and by all means, please share with us what pranks you pull this year.  We’re always looking for a good idea!  But even if you weren’t up to the task of pulling off an elaborate joke today, make it a point to do something FUN! 

Can you make your job fun by listening to music? If you’re working from home, you could even get up and dance – no one can see you if you turn your web cam off!  Moving to music will keep you feeling upbeat and the challenges at work feel less burdensome.

Get creative with your entertainment.

Have a movie night and pick a silly comedy that invites laughter and joy to your sanctuary.

Watch funny animal videos online.  Start a joke text thread with friends.

Working out is also fun.  Okay that might be debatable, but it will improve your mood tremendously. Choose exercises that are challenging but manageable. It feels good to achieve fitness targets that you set for yourself.

Today, make it a point to bring fun into your life. You are more capable when you maintain an uplifted spirit. Commit to using your positive energy to uplift those around you as well.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What is my idea of a fun time?
  2. How else do I develop the strength to handle difficult times?
  3. What life skills do I learn after overcoming a challenge?