A major obstacle to maintaining a fitness program is the boredom that usually accompanies it.  Enrolling in a gym may give you the exercise that you need, but you can get the same benefits by doing routine jobs around your home.  When you incorporate exercise into your everyday tasks and errands, you can accomplish two goals at once.  Your key to having a successful program that works for the long term is to focus on an activity instead of on an exercise.

Mow the Lawn

Walking behind a lawn mower is an excellent workout that lets you enjoy fresh air while you accomplish a necessary chore.  Freshly cut grass has a refreshing aroma that is pleasing, and you get to see real progress as you go.  Just 30 minutes a day gives you the cardio workout that health experts recommend, and you can cut even the largest yard when you do a little bit at a time.

With a push mower, you get more exercise for your arms while a self propelled model makes you walk faster.  Both require you to focus on the task at hand.  Lawns need mowing every week during the summer.


Pick Up a Rake

Autumn leaves that cover your lawn provide a perfect way to exercise and increase your heart rate.  Raking leaves in cool or even cold weather warms you up quickly by engaging large muscles and increasing your circulation.  Stand in the middle of an imaginary circle and rake the leaves toward you, maintaining a slow and steady rate of exertion.


Dig a Garden Plot

Turning the dirt and removing the weeds is the first step in preparing your spring garden.  A plot that is 10 feet on each side gives you 100 square feet of garden space where you can plant tomatoes, yellow squash, and cucumbers for your dinner side dishes and salads.  Working in a garden provides a continuing source of jobs that require bending and stooping, lifting, and stretching throughout the growing season.


Shop the Warehouse Stores

Got some home improvement projects you need to tackle?  The average size of popular warehouse and home improvement stores is 133,000 square feet, offering long aisles where you can walk for exercise.  Filled with a variety of items that vary by department, the stores provide a way for you to focus on them instead of on counting the minutes until exercise time is over.  Walking at a rate that accelerates your heart to a desired level is more effective when you do not stop to examine the wares.  Try walking around the perimeter a few times before you start shopping for the items that you want to purchase.


By focusing on activities that occupy your mind and exercise your body, you can achieve remarkable results in a short time.  Time passes quickly when you exercise while you think about something else!