Brand reviews can make or break your company's growth.  Indeed, feedback from various online surveys show that over 80% of potential customers get influenced by star ratings and comments from online reviews.

So, what are customers looking for and how can marketers use these reviews to highlight and grow their business, brand or service?


It's All About The Experience, So Encourage Feedback

No amount of marketing can replace poor service and inferior products.  The experience is just as important to consumers.  Shopping, be it online or in a brick and mortar establishment, is not called retail therapy for nothing.

Search rankings value comments over star ratings.  It is still essential though, to have a star rating feature as part of your review system.  Getting your customers to leave detailed comments is paramount to getting higher rankings.  Higher rankings, in turn, lead to more traffic.

Encouraging customer feedback will personalize your brand, product or service.  However, responding to feedback is most important and creates an even more positive user experience.  Online reviews can pop up across multiple social media platforms and third party sites.  It is good practice to be aware of reviews across all these sites to avoid criticism and backlash.


Simplify Review Platforms And Always Respond

Create a review system that has a user friendly interface and is compatible across multiple devices.  Over 30% of users are shopping via mobile apps.  Surveys show that almost 50% of people will decide to use your site based on star ratings.  And 30% will judge your business based on response times and replies to reviews.

The surveys also showed that simply asking for feedback will result in an almost 70% response rate.  Replying to reviews, whether good or bad, gives you the chance to rectify unfair comments, apologize for any poor service and bolster your product's strengths.  Of course, it is also important to thank loyal or satisfied customers for their good reviews.


Use Incentives For Staff And Customers

Some businesses offer discount codes and coupon vouchers to customers who leave feedback.  Staff across the board must get trained to understand how important feedback is to the online shopping experience.  They can also get offered incentives for getting positive reviews.


In closing, online reviews drive ranking results and personalize the shopping experience.  Creating simple, effective tools for customer feedback will encourage dialogue, build lasting customer relations and will grow your business.