Loving the place where you live is one of the keys to happiness.  Whether your current abode is humble, opulent, or somewhere in between, the satisfaction of having your own space is hard to beat.  But there are things you can do to love your living space even more.

By expanding your indoor living space into the great outdoors, you can increase the satisfaction your home brings you, better meet the needs of your growing family, and squeeze more value out of those monthly mortgage payments.  Here are some simple ways to expand and refine your outdoor living space.


Turn Your Grill into an Outdoor Kitchen

You love your grill, and you enjoy cooking steaks, burgers and hot dogs for your summer visitors.  Wouldn't it be great if you could take your grilling adventures to the next level?  You can with a full outdoor kitchen.

There are several ways to turn your humble gas or charcoal grill into a spectacular outdoor kitchen, and the only limits are your imagination and your budget.  For a simple approach, you can simply add a mini fridge, some storage drawers and a simple picnic table.  If you have a larger budget and more expansive ideas, you could custom build an outdoor kitchen, complete with storage space for your beloved grill.


Warm Things Up with a Backyard Fire Pit

One of the limitations of an outdoor living space is that when the weather turns cold your backyard adventures are largely over.  But what if you could enjoy your patio, deck and other outdoor living spaces all year long instead of just on those hot summer nights?

If you want to transform your outdoor living space into a year-round affair, why not heat things up with a backyard fire pit?  You can use your fire pit to cook meals, roast marshmallows or just warm your hands on those cold winter nights.


Provide Direct Entry to Your Deck or Patio

You love the outdoor parts of your home, but getting to them can be a hassle.  Wouldn't it be great if you could go directly from the bedroom to the backyard, or bring food from the kitchen to the grill without taking an extra step?

You can when you build direct access to your outdoor living space.  French doors are perfect for this purpose, and once they are in place you can enjoy the great outdoors any time you like.


Decorate Like You're Inside

Outdoor seating with piles of pillows and blankets goes a long way to making your outdoor space cozy and inviting.  String up lights to create an intimate ambiance.  Add color and texture to the look with plants and flowers arranged in containers. 


Taking your indoor living space outdoors is a great way to make the home you love even better. You do not have to spend a fortune to enjoy a better living space, and the ideas listed above can help you get started.