Spring is here! It’s time for the flowers to grow and the birds to sing, but it’s also time for spring cleaning.

Do you dread the idea of spring-cleaning? If you could make money from doing it, would it be more tolerable? Not only is it possible to make money from your own annual cleaning, but you can also make money helping others with theirs! And the money to be made is usually well worth the work involved.

These ideas will help you to clean up financially:

As you clean, put aside any items could sell.

Often when you clean, you can find things that you no longer use, but are still worth money. Make a list of those items and then find the best place to sell them in your area:

  • Craigslist.com, Facebook Marketplace, or other classified ad service
  • EBay
  • Yard sale
  • Pawnshop
  • Friends

Change your filters and clean your AC unit(s).

Improved airflow will help lower the cost of your heating and air system.

  • Check with an expert about how to clean your AC coils. Most likely, you just need to power down the machine and hose it down. The improved cooling efficiency can lower your cooling costs.

Clean out the garage and park your car(s) inside.

It can be common to store things like sports equipment, camping supplies and infrequently used items in the garage, but the car may suffer more wear and tear if it's left outside in the elements. It’s also more likely to be stolen or vandalized.

  • The garage is also prime hunting ground for good items to sell!

Expand your cleaning activities.

Most people don’t have the funds to hire a maid, but many people do have the capability to hire someone to clean once a year. Spread the word that you’re willing to clean for cash.

  • You can also offer to sell everyone’s unwanted items for a commission. Many people would rather throw items in the trash than go through the effort to sell them. You might consider offering this service instead of offering a cleaning service. You could also do both!

Freshen up your financial picture and make some money as you do your spring cleaning! Win-win!