Independent Bank is proud to sponsor the Greater Memphis Chamber’s Small Business Council.  We are having so much fun with the online format for the “Lunch in the Know” series and love that it is keeping small businesses engaged and bringing them timely and relevant information.  The topic for most recent in the series: “Leadership in Action” was presented by Reverend Keith Norman, Vice President of Government Affairs at Baptist Memorial Health Care.  Here we recap our Top Takeaways:

What’s Next?

Now that businesses are opening back up, many of us are wondering, “Okay, so now what?””  Despite guidelines and phases, business owners are still unsure of the best way to move forward.  Before today’s session began, Linda Barnes, Executive Vice President of Retail Banking at i-bank, shared with us an inspiring quote about leadership from Cory Booker “Leadership is not a position or title, it is action and example.”

Reverend Norman couldn’t agree more; he says that leadership is absolutely an active state.  Whatever decision you, as a leader, need to make right now – whether it’s related to work, family, or something else – acquire the best information available at the time.  He emphasizes this last point because possibly more than any other time we have known before, things are fluid.  We get new information every day.  You need to be able to take the “best” information you have to make the optimum decision you can.  If you wait for the “right” information, you might wait too long. 

Find the Answer Within

There is no one size fits all answer to getting back to business.  You need to take into consideration your particular work environment (enclosed spaces, number of employees, etc.), as well as things like employee sentiment right now or your company’s ability to sustain working remotely.  Remember, you don’t have to present yourself as having all the answersThat’s why you have a team, and everyone has something to offer.  Look to your employees to make suggestions.

“Chart and Choose”

Once you have obtained the best information you can, it’s time to act on it.  Make a decision.  Because information is changing often, it’s easy to start hoarding information and never doing anything with it.  But you’ve got to act, even if you have to change course later.  Reverend Norman cautions that leaders cannot allow themselves to get stuck in a rut.  Leaders need to be ready and able to pivot away from the decisions made previously once better information is acquired.  If you’ve involved your team and communicated with them from the beginning, it will be easier for them to buy in to whatever changes you need to make going forward.


A big thank you to Reverend Keith Norman for sharing his insight with us!  We’d also like to thank our fellow sponsors Southland Casino Racing and Baptist Memorial Health Care as well as Waddell and Associates for making the Zoom meeting possible. If you missed the webinar or would like to see it again, a recorded version, along with previous webinars, can be accessed here.