Purchasing locally rather than through big box stores, such as Wal-Mart, Target, or K-Mart, undeniably stimulates your local economy.  And, if many small economies stand tall and strong, chances are even better that our national economy, as a whole, would whip into shape.

Stimulating your local economy decreases the amount of financial hardships in the area because local business owners are thriving.  In turn, this decreases the amount of layoffs, foreclosures, and so on.  Buying your goods locally can have a snowball effect for the economy as a whole.

You can always benefit when your local economy is thriving.  But, regardless of the economy, you also stand to receive many other wallet-friendly benefits when you buy locally:

  1. No middlemen.  Where there's a middleman, there's always an added cost.  Wholesalers have the name for a reason - they sell at rock bottom prices.  If a middleman gets in the way, the price will be raised for no apparent reason to the retailer.  Therefore, your cost as a consumer will increase.

  • Thankfully, this mess is only in your cards if you choose to buy imported items.  When you buy local, the entire process: from conception, to production, to packaging is handled by the nice folks in your very own town.
  1. Competitive pricing.  It's tough to keep up with Wal-Mart.  But, if local businesses want to keep their cash flow going, they often compete by offering quality, service, and fair pricing.

    • Though this means a lower profit margin for the business owner.  It means higher savings for the consumer - you!
  1. Big box stores needn't worry themselves about offering quality merchandise.  After all, if one customer complains, their bottom line remains the same.  However, quality is a vital factor in local trade.

    • If you purchase a wedding veil from a local vendor, the vendor will generally do their best to craft only the best quality.  This is because their business depends on the vitality of word of mouth.  Therefore, in their eyes, one customer wronged is 10 customers lost.
  1. Go ahead, you can admit it: the warranties offered by national chains are often cryptic and self-serving.  It seems that there may be a possible attempt to sabotage the chances of any customer ever getting a repair done under warranty.

    • But local businesses are different.  They need to offer customer-friendly warranties in order to generate local buzz.  As stated above, word of mouth is the lifeblood of most locally owned businesses.  And, offering attractive warranties is one of the best ways to hook a customer.
  1. Energy conservation.  If the resources you require can be found in your neighborhood, you save money on gas!

    • Not only are you saving money on gas, but you're also contributing to the decrease in pollution.  You drive a shorter distance in order to arrive at your shopping destination.  Therefore, you're also helping the environment.  Also, when you buy local products, the merchandise has to travel a considerably shorter distance in order to be ready to sell.


Buying local has many advantages.  You're helping locally owned businesses maintain their livelihood.  And by doing so, you're doing your part in increasing the odds that the business will be around for generations to come!

Buying locally is also enjoyable.  You get quality and fulfill your good deed of the day, just by making a local purchase.  Buy local, save big bucks.  You'll be glad you did!