6 Tips to Help Your Business Do Well with Consumers Using Voice Search

Voice Search Optimization -- 6 Tips to Help Your Business Do Well with Consumers Using Voice Search

According to seotribunal.com, close to 50% of all searches on the internet are made using voice - people use the microphone on a mobile device, smart speaker or computer to gather information from the internet.  As voice search becomes more and more relevant in people's lives, business owners need to adapt their digital marketing strategies to keep up.  Optimizing your business website for voice search should be at the top of your to-do list.  Here are some tips to follow.

Focus on improving your keyword strategy

Optimizing for voice search begins with picking the right keywords.  Just as with regular SEO, the success of your voice search optimization efforts depends on your ability to find the most relevant keywords to use on your website.  Longtail keywords -- search phrases made up of three or more words -- are important to voice search, because people who perform searches with speech tend to use full sentences, rather than the abbreviated language that they bring to typed searches.  Research indicates that three out of four voice searches on Google are made using natural language.

When you optimize your keyword strategy for voice search, you need to think about the kind of phrases that people usually use when speaking to their voice-enabled devices, and optimize for those keyword phrases.

Build an FAQ page

When Google processes a voice search, it often serves up the information available, as a featured snippet - a ready, direct answer to the searcher's question, rather than a simple website link.  If you want Google to use information from your website on its featured snippets, you need to provide direct answers to the most common questions that searchers have.  Building an FAQ page is an excellent way to list the most common questions that your customer base is likely to ask and need answered.

For instance, if you run a store that sells women's clothing, the following would be some of the questions that your customers would be most likely to ask:

  • What kinds of clothes do you carry?
  • How much do your dresses cost?
  • What are the best items of clothing to wear to the office?
  • What designs are the most comfortable to wear in summer?

When you publish these questions and your best answers on your FAQ page, Google will see that serving up your answers is the easiest way to answer specific questions by searchers.  An FAQ page can be a good way to reach out to voice searchers.

Work on your local listing

Often, when people try voice searches, they are looking for information about local businesses. They may ask questions about the store closest to them for a particular product, or a store with the best customer ratings.  When a searcher performs a search about local businesses on Google, the search engine serves you the top three most relevant business results in a special section at the top, called the 3-pack - they get three business results best suited to their query.  Getting into the 3-pack for your neighborhood, then, is your best bet when it comes to getting attention for your business on a voice search.

To get your business on Google's 3-pack for various relevant searches, you must make sure that your local listing on Google is thorough and complete.  It should have your physical address, email ID, and phone number -- whatever a searcher needs to get in touch with your business if they are interested.  People are simply more likely to contact a business when it offers them all the information they could possibly need.  Complete information makes them feel more secure while contacting a business.

Make sure that your website is optimized for mobile devices

Getting searchers to pick your website to click on is only one half of the challenge that you face as a business owner.  You also need to work on getting searchers to stay on your website once they arrive.  When a searcher uses voice search to locate and navigate to business websites, they are usually shown the mobile versions of those sites.  If your website doesn't have a mobile version with responsive design (website design that allows websites to neatly adjust themselves to mobile devices of different screen sizes), you'll find that searchers become frustrated with their experience on your website, and simply leave.  It's important to invest in a top-quality mobile device experience for your website to take advantage of the voice search market.


Optimize your website for every kind of smart speaker

From Amazon's Echo and Apple's HomePod, to Google's Home, smart speakers are an increasingly important way in which consumers access the internet.  The Echo uses Bing, and both Siri and Google use Google.  You need to make sure that your website's information is readily accessible to smart speakers on any one of these platforms.  Optimizing specifically for Bing is just as important as optimizing for Google if you don't want to lose out on traffic.


Invest in content creation

While an FAQ page is a great way to provide useful information to your audience, sometimes, people need more in-depth information.  For such searchers, you need to publish good, authoritative content on your website that answers questions and solves problems.  Such content can give people a reason to linger on your website, where you expose them to your products.

Content aimed at consumers at different stages of the buying process - product awareness, product evaluation, and purchase -- is likely to be presented to searchers when they use voice search.  All you need to do, is to make sure that you are aware of the specific kinds of questions that consumers at different stages of the buying process have in mind, and create blog posts and videos that directly answer them.

Voice search isn't just the future; it's the present.  And exceedingly large numbers of consumers use voice search in one form or another to get things done on the internet.  Making sure that your digital presence is optimized for voice can help you serve this important consumer section.


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