5 Horrible Customer Service Mistakes Companies Are Still Making

5 Horrible Customer Service Mistakes Companies Are Still Making

Competition is everywhere, regardless of your industry, which is why your company needs to provide top-notch customer service.  If they feel uncomfortable or feel ignored by your representatives, your customers can easily find competition that will make them feel special and wanted.  Unfortunately, many businesses around the world are still making deadly mistakes that are costing them customers.  Here are 5 terrible mistakes your team may still be making that are driving customers away:

Inconsistent Policy

One of the most frustrating customer experiences a person can ever experience is inconsistent feedback from your team.  If two salespeople tell a customer two different things regarding an issue, consumers will naturally be confused.   Not quickly handled, that confusion can quickly turn to frustration and lost customers.

Keep that mistake from happening by ensuring that everyone knows standard policy.  If an employee's job is interacting with customers, she should know what to say and what she can offer. Should an employee not have that responsibility, make sure she knows to point customers to someone who knows what the policy is.

Lack of Logistical Consistency

Every time your business fails to deliver on time, whether it is a product or a service, customer trust drops.  While some delays are truly not your fault and are unavoidable, that lack of direct responsibility ultimately does not matter to your market.  The fact is you failed to provide what you promised in a timely manner.

In those instances, whether the failure was your fault or not, it is best to simply accept responsibility and provide the customer with an apology, backed up by some compensation.  Discounts on the next purchase may seem small, but it is that small gesture that can be the difference between losing customers and retaining them.

Poor Performance and General Lack of Ability

The worst experience customers can have is to be faced with an incompetent or ignorant employee.  Those kinds of workers make your business look bad and provide poor service to your market.  They reflect badly on your operation's professionalism, and can cast a bad light on your products.

Make sure everyone you hire is properly on-boarded and trained.  Every system the business has must be burned into their heads.  Their every job-related skill must be honed and held to company standards.  That is the only way you can ensure the customer experience ends up positive as much as possible.

Poor Behavior or Dress

An employee may know the handbook inside and out, but if he doesn't behave or dress in a manner representative of your brand, he will ruin customer service for your business.  Unprofessional behavior is not just damaging on an individual consumer level, it can hurt your brand.  People can lose faith in your company's ability to provide the kind of service you promise if your employees do not present the right image.

Where many companies fail is not on employee hiring or training, it is in making sure all workers understand why they are required to perform certain acts or dress a certain way.  They must know how their behavior will impact the company.  Giving them that understanding will help them commit to required behaviors, and will give you more room to reprimand those that stray.

Automating Too Much

Automation is great.  Chat bots, for example, can handle a massive workload without increasing employee expenditures.  However, just because part of your customer service can be automated does not mean you should do it.  Even if every part of your bot-run service works perfectly, it will lack a critical element - the human touch.

All customers have a preference, and it is up to you to provide them with the customer service style that works best for them.  If they want to speak to real person, give them that option. Just tell them there will be a delay, if all your representatives are held up.  There is no faster short-cut to customer discontent than being on hold for half-an-hour or more.


Those are far from the only customer service mistakes your company may be making, but those are some of the more severe examples.  Fortunately, the solutions are relatively easy to implement.  Some may be resource intensive, but if you want your company to survive and compete, you will need to step up your customer service game.




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