Maintaining a Close Bond With Your Siblings

Maintaining a Close Bond With Your Siblings

Growing up with brothers and sisters can be one of life’s most enriching experiences.

As you grow and mature into adults, though, all too often, you create your own lives and go your own separate ways. Geographical distance or simply a busy life may make staying in touch seem daunting.

However, even if you live hundreds or thousands of miles apart, you can still be close to the brothers and sisters that are so much a part of you.

How can you maintain that feeling of love, care and family, even across the miles?

Try these ideas to connect with your brothers and sisters:

  1. Call. Make it a point to call your sibling once a week to stay in regular contact. There's nothing like hearing their voice on the phone, and they'll appreciate hearing yours, too.

  2. Send a text. With texting available on most cell phones, this can be a wonderful (and quick!) way to keep in touch with your brother or sister.
    • One nice feature that can keep you and your siblings close is the ability to snap a photo of yourself and send it just to let them know you're thinking about them.
    • Although texting tends to be short and quick, it's still a great method of having some contact with a sibling. Send jokes, silly pictures, or remind them of the time the two of you did something crazy together as children.

  3. Make up annual photo books. While this may sound like a big project, it doesn't have to include hundreds of photos. Just have five or ten pages of snapshots and captions. Include photos of you and your partner and kids taken in your home, yard, and around town.
    • Check out sites like Shutterfly, Mixbook and Snapfish to see how simple it is to make a photo book and have it mailed directly to your sibling.
    • Set an annual date on your calendar when you'll begin working on the photo book to ensure you complete it each year. Who knows, maybe your loved one will decide to do the same.

  4. Film monthly videos. Use your Smartphone or portable, hand-held video recorder to film a monthly video of you and your family.
    • Whether you're talking to your kids on the video, building a cabinet, or sitting in your favorite chair addressing the camera, fill a sibling's heart with joy by filming and sending videos to touch base.

  5. Plan face-to-face visits. Although you're both busy, insist on getting together at least once every other year, no matter how far apart you live.
    • Plan to meet halfway for a couple of days if that's the only way it will work. Or alternate having your visits at each other's homes. Work out face-to-face visits at least every other year and vow to follow through with them.

  6. Take a vacation together. Some families have found it fun to take their families to a favorite vacation destination together. Even if you can only do it every five years, you'll build priceless memories and have great times together.

No matter how busy your life is, put in your best effort to keep in touch with your brothers and sisters. Strive to keep your family ties strong by having regular contact with your siblings. Cherish your brothers and sisters for life, and you'll be loved boundlessly in return.

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