Analyzed Business Checking

If your company carries high balances and has high activity levels, then this account is for you. The costs of services are offset by your account balance, which can result in a low-cost or even a no-cost account.

  • $100 opening balance
  • No monthly limits on checks written or deposits
  • Access to online cash management system
  • Locally-controlled lockbox services
  • Online ACH module for direct deposits, tax payments, and vendor payments
  • Sweep excess funds into interest-bearing accounts
  • Link account to a business line of credit to fund checks or reduce outstanding loan balance

Contact i-bank to see if this account is right for you.

Terms: Your service charge will vary depending on the level of services used during any monthly period. Please contact i-bank for information regarding the miscellaneous fees and charges for the services available. In addition, a monthly maintenance fee of $17.00 will be added to the cost of the services provided. Your account balance will earn credits to offset the cost of services used at a rate comparable to the most recent 12 week average of the 90 day T-bill rate. Must provide a business license and a copy of the letter from the IRS issuing the tax ID number.