Minors/UTMA Savings

What a wonderful way to ensure your children or grandchildren have a solid financial foundation when they become adults!

UTMA Savings: Is only for the benefit of a minor and that minor has no access (even at age 18).

Minor Savings: Not an UTMA, but an account to be used regularly for a minor.

  • No monthly service charge
  • No minimum balance to open or maintain the account
  • Six free monthly withdrawals
  • 24-hour account access

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To open and UTMA Savings account you must have $100. Any applicable service fees will be waived until the individual is 18 years of age. Excess withdrawal fees of $3.00 per transaction will be imposed. If balance is over $1,000 the account allows six free withdrawals, under $1,000 the account allows three free withdrawals.

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