Sometimes, after you’ve tackled challenges at the office, miserable rush hour traffic, and long lines at the grocery store, the end of the day can’t come quickly enough for you!

After a long day you deserve to take some time to wind down and relax. It’s the best way to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Try these ideas to relax and unwind after a long day:

Get a good laugh.

Any doctor will attest to the remarkable benefits of laughter as a method of stress release and relief! Laughter is like exercise in that it encourages release of the feel-good hormones, endorphins. Here are some easy ways to get a laugh:

  • Watch re-runs of your favorite childhood comedy.

  • Invite your friends over for some light-hearted banter. You'll have a good laugh by recounting your varied stories and sharing funny jokes with one another over a glass of wine or bowl of chips

  • Jump in the car and visit the movie theater to watch a funny film. The ambience of the movie theater would also be a great change from your regular scenery at home.

Soak in a bath.

Soaking in a hot bath is excellent for de-stressing and relieving tension, and adding fragrant lavender to the water can make it even more relaxing.

  • Lavender has been used all over the world as a treatment for depression and anxiety, not to mention insomnia.

  • Further research has proven that gently inhaling lavender results in calming, soothing, and sedative effects.

Do some Pilates stretches.

You can benefit from doing a few of the stretches to unwind your mind and body. Most of them are pretty easy and doable in a short space of time.

  • Stretching in each position for a minute or two can really allow your mind to release frustration. This will make you feel more at ease.

  • You can also relieve some physical aches by loosening those overworked muscles.

Read a novel.

Reading is a perfect way to escape the stress of life and enter a whole other world for a little while. There are endless stories to experience, so don’t be afraid to get lost in one today!

  • Who doesn't love a good laugh? Read funny novels and you'll have a pleasant time while you get to know the characters personalities!

  • Thrillers are a great way to take your mind off and relax for a while. They whisk you away to another world than the one that has you stressed.


You deserve to be relaxed, calm and happy! So many things happen every day that affect your peace of mind, but it’s important to keep unwanted feelings from taking over. Use these strategies to give yourself the opportunity to unwind, rest and recharge. You’ll see life from a whole new perspective!