While many gardeners think of the cottage garden as a purely English phenomenon, there are many ways gardeners on this side of the pond can enjoy such lush beauty.  The cottage garden is of course best known for is patches of colorful flowers and shrubs, and there are many varieties of flowers and shrubs which are suited to the North American climate, and to the North American cottage garden.

In fact, the American cottage garden can be just as beautiful as its English counterpart, sharing the vibrancy and jumbles of colors of the English variety, while adapting the types of plants to the environment in which they will be grown.  These wonderful cottage gardens have been popping up everywhere, from the large English manor home to the more informal country cottage.

Starting a cottage garden is also a great way for gardeners to deal with the increasing problems of summer droughts.  Drought resistant varieties of plants can be perfect for the American cottage garden.  These plants have been carefully selected to thrive on less water, and to survive harsher conditions than typical varieties of plants.  It is important for gardeners living in challenging climates to be on the lookout for varieties of plants that are most suited to their local environments.

The style of the cottage garden tends to be more natural than the more formal garden, often providing a free-flowing look that is free of strict design and planning.  Even so, the cottage garden will typically have some sort of plan designed to bring out the most color and beauty from the plants.  As with all forms of gardening, it will be up to each gardener to design a garden space that best fits his or her own unique sense of charm, beauty and style.

Among the easy to grow and drought resistant varieties of plants cottage gardeners may want to consider are valerian, Russian sage, yarrow, coreopsis, coneflower, sunflowers, butterfly bushes and daffodils.  Many varieties of roses are also perfectly at home in the cottage gardener, so rose lovers should try to incorporate some of their favorite varieties.

Herbs are a perfect compliment to the American cottage garden as well, and the good news for those in hot and dry climates is that many of these herbs love the heat.  Some of the best herbs to consider include thyme, oregano, lavender and basil.

No matter what types of plants, flowers and herbs are chosen, the cottage garden can be a place of magic and beauty, and the perfect place for getting away from the stresses of modern life.  Many homeowners love to spend hours just hanging out and relaxing in the beautiful space they have created, bringing a bit of the English countryside to the American landscape.