It's always important to keep a little room for fun in your life. By making time for it even on the busiest of days, you'll find yourself happier and healthier overall.

It's your party, so be spontaneous! Or plan it out beforehand if you want. There are no hard and fast rules here - just make sure to have lots of fun!

Here are a few fun ideas for bringing on the fun:

  1. Pets. Pets are a great source of relaxation and play. What kind of pet would bring you the most joy? If you already have a pet, think about activities you'd like to do together - such as dog shows, expos, and so on.

    • Pets are very good for your health and known to be natural stress reducers. That's why dog owners tend to live longer!

  2. Comedy. Laughing is always a good time and there are many ways to get you in on the laughs. You can watch a few videos online, rent a movie, or go catch some comedy at a local comedy club.

  3. Classes. You've always wanted to try a new skill or hobby, right? Sign up for a class and see where it takes you.

    • Grab a copy of the class schedule from your local community center; there are always some interesting classes being offered at a good price.

  4. Socialize. Having a good time can also involve your friends and family. Here are some activities you could try: weekly game night, going bowling, spending the night out on town, or get active at your local community center or church. Variety is key to a happy and healthy lifestyle.

  5. Adventure. If you want something exciting, include activities on your list that will get your heart racing. If you prefer to stay low-key, consider activities that help you unwind.

    • You might be in the mood for rock climbing, but maybe you'd rather try yoga. It all depends on your personality, mood, and your idea of a good adventure.

  6. The Long Way. Allow yourself to do an activity the way it was originally meant to be done.

    • For instance, you might want to walk or bike to places nearby instead of driving. You could also make your own pizza crust instead of buying one from the grocery store. The fun is in the doing!

Try Something New

Whether you're looking for ways to have fun or need a break from your usual routine, don't give into the same old thing. Variety might come as trying out something completely new or doing things in a different way.

  • You may want to swap your Friday night sports or play a different board game on game night.

The Power of Five Extra Minutes

When you're on a tight schedule, it can be easy to use the excuse that you don't have time for fun. It's important to remember that even if you're busy, there's always going to be time for a break. Even if you only have a few minutes, you can still find time to smile about something. You can always find room for some fun.

Here are a few ways to add more quick fun into your day:

  • Plan your next day trip or evening activity.

  • If you're in need of a good laugh check some articles, blogs or jokes online.

  • Clear your head for a minute or two by meditating. It'll help you relax.

  • Grab an easy level Sudoku puzzle or other mind-boosting games.

  • Write a quick note or e-mail to a friend you haven't seen in awhile.


There are countless ways to inject some fun into your day. Keep adding to your list of ways to have some fun in your day and you'll never be bored again. Remember: life is too short to live without having any fun!