If you want to update your home's look but you don't want to refurnish your rooms or do extensive renovations to your bathrooms and kitchen, think about getting new floors and doors.


Changing your floors can give your home an entirely updated look and feel.  One of the most popular flooring choices is wood.  Whether hardwood or a quality laminate, you can't go wrong with this look.  If you prefer carpet in your bedrooms, you might still want to consider wood flooring and add a large area rug to the room to provide the comfort you want under your feet.  Should the rug ever get too old or worn, it's much easier to replace than carpeting.  You also won't have to match the color and design of any area rugs throughout your home for them to look nice.  If you love the appearance of wood, but you don't want to bother with the upkeep of hardwood and are worried about the durability of laminate, consider porcelain tiles that resemble wood.  You'll get the same gorgeous look, and porcelain tiles are low maintenance. Porcelain also provides extreme durability.

Interior Doors

If the interior doors of your home are standard, plain doors, then updating them with doors that have multiple panels will add a dramatic new look to your home.  You can select two, three or, even four paneled doors.  For a more expensive look, consider choosing doors with raised moldings.  Try doors with multiple squares in the design for the best appearance with contemporary décor.  Doors that come with an arched design on both sides look great with traditional or vintage décor.  For rooms where you don't need privacy, opt for doors with glass inserts or even frosted glass.  Doors with glass look great in a formal dining room, game room, home library, or utility room.

Exterior Doors

For your front door, consider choosing one in an unusual color.  Selecting something out of the ordinary will make your house stand out from everyone else's in the neighborhood.  For an elegant touch, opt for a door with beveled glass inserts.  Gorgeous side panels of glass allow you to see out better than through a peephole.  For a European flair, consider an arched door.  This type of design will add a touch of Old World panache to your home. For something more traditional, a large wooden door made of walnut with molded panels will add warmth and style to your house.  For a more impressive look, try a wooden door with wrought iron in the design.


You don't need to renovate your home completely to give it an updated appearance. If you make any of the changes mentioned above, you will add value and style to your existing décor. These updates also take less time and money than a full renovation.