When most people think of lemon juice, they imagine its many delicious uses when it comes to food preparation.  While this makes perfect sense, lemon juice actually has many great uses that extend beyond your plate.  Here are some simple and useful things you can do around your home with the help of lemon juice.


Sooth a Sore Throat

Mixing at least a teaspoon of lemon juice into water makes for a great sore throat remedy.  Simply gargle the mixture when your throat is sore and continue to do so throughout the day.  This is a proven and completely natural way of killing the bacteria that causes your throat to feel scratchy and sore.

Brighten Your Laundry

Lemon juice can be used as a natural and toxin-free alternative to laundry bleach.  For most loads of laundry, about a quarter of a cup of lemon juice should do the trick.  Add a bit more for garments that are heavily stained.  Using lemon juice instead of bleach will also add a fresh lemon scent to your clothes that you're sure to enjoy.

Preserve Foods

One of the most challenging parts about keeping fruits and vegetables is that they spoil quite quickly.  Lemon juice offers a great solution for preserving foods such as apples, potatoes, avocados, lettuce and more.  Simply sprinkle a few drops of lemon juice on these foods before storing them in your refrigerator and you'll notice that they stay fresh for much longer.

Odor Removal

In the same way that lemon juice helps remove stains from clothing, it can also work well as a method for getting rid of tough odors on solid surfaces.  An easy mix of water and lemon juice makes for a natural cleaning solution that you can use on tables, shelves and even walls.  If you're trying to get away from cleaners that contain chemicals and utilize more natural options, then be sure to give lemon juice a try the next time you clean your home.


As you can see, lemon juice makes for the perfect natural laundry bleach, food preservative, household cleaner and sore throat remedy.  Pick up some lemon juice the next time you're at the grocery store and see what it can do for you.