It’s a sweet feeling to witness the success of someone whom you’ve supported.  Perhaps you’ve had the privilege of mentoring a young man or woman who has gone on to excel in his or her field.  Maybe you’ve had the chance to champion a friend as he or she has started and grown a now-thriving business.  Whatever the case, there’s great joy that comes with being the wind beneath another person’s wings.

In your workplace, seize opportunities to uplift those around you.  Below are three E’s that you can put into practice to spur your colleagues toward their professional goals.



Don’t underestimate the power of verbal affirmation.  People often like to say that talk is cheap – which is true when it lacks the fruit and follow-through of action – but words do have an undeniable ability to build up and break down.  If you’re quicker to criticize than you are to commend, then those around you are sure to become weary and disenchanted.  Conversely, if your reflex is to recognize the positive prior to pointing out the negative, then your corrections are likely to be better received.

While you should always be looking to improve your organization, you should consistently work to praise aloud what others are doing well.  You never know what the impact of your encouragement could be: for some, it might even provide the boost they need to take a courageous leap that’s to their benefit, professionally.



Take note of areas in which your teammates would like to develop.  If you possess a level of expertise that they desire, invite them to learn from and alongside you.  The more time you spend investing in them, the more valued they’ll feel as employees and the more capable they’ll become as contributors in your organization.

Do you aspire to be a leader for whom others want to work?  Then strive to be someone who is as concerned for others’ advancement as she is for her own.  Gain a reputation for being the boss who applauds and nurtures his team’s ambitions rather than ignoring and stifling them.  You’ll find over time that you experience as much delight, if not more, in others’ accomplishments as you do in your own.



This is a logical extension of the previous “E,” but it’s worth special attention.  In leadership, it can be tempting to keep a tight grip on the reigns: after all, if you know that you’re capable of doing something well, why risk sharing the load with someone who has less experience?  As easy as it is to adopt this mindset, over time this line of thinking can lead to burnout on your part and stunted growth on your teammates’ end.

As you come across opportunities to outsource certain tasks to eager employees, have the courage and humility to delegate.  As your teammates prove their mettle, offer them greater responsibility and creative liberty.  Finally, if it’s within your power to do so, make a point to honor consistent, high-quality performance with promotions and pay increases.


Make uplifting others your M.O.  By integrating these three E’s into your daily habits, you’ll further the success and satisfaction of those in your professional sphere!