Positive Pay

Positive Pay protects your business from fraud:

  • The online system provides the operator easy access to review and define suspect items
  • Issued check files can also be uploaded through the online web module
  • Checks presented for payment each day are compared against the issued check file, and only those that match will be paid, including those checks that were converted and presented to the bank electronically.
  • Checks without a match are flagged as suspect and presented to you online for a pay decision.

Benefits to your business:

  • Improved control and security – Reporting of suspect items takes place daily and enables you to make immediate pay/no pay decisions on potentially fraudulent items.
  • Increased efficiency – Positive Pay is a fully-automated process offered within our business online banking system.
  • Lowered costs – Positive Pay can help you reduce these unnecessary costs due to canceled or fraudulent checks and stop reputational damage often associated with fraud.