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We know you have choices, and we appreciate your choice of Independent Bank Dealer Services Group.

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College Grad Program (PDF Download)

Forms and Documents

Rate sheets - Please find our rate sheets in either Dealer Track or RouteOne

Payoff Information

You can now access a 10-day payoff through either RouteOne or DealerTrack.

Payoff Mailing Address

Independent Bank
Attn: Loan Payoff
5050 Poplar Avenue, Suite 110
Memphis, TN 38157

Funding Information

All funding is sent via ACH.

Funding Checklists:
Funding Documentation Submissions:

We require the original contract be mailed to us. You may fax or email all other documentation, as needed.

Fax 901-844-0383
Independent Bank
5050 Poplar Ave, Suite 110
Memphis, TN 38157

Lienholder Information

Dealers located in TX:

Independent Dealer Services
5050 Poplar Ave. Suite 110
Memphis, TN 38157

All other Dealers:

Independent Bank
5050 Poplar Ave. Suite 110
Memphis, TN 38157