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We know you have choices, and we appreciate your choice of Independent Bank Dealer Services Group.

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College Grad Program (PDF Download)

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Rate sheets - Please find our rate sheets in either Dealer Track or RouteOne

Payoff Information

You can now access a 10-day payoff through either RouteOne or DealerTrack.

Payoff Mailing Address

Independent Bank
Attn: Loan Payoff
5050 Poplar Avenue, Suite 110
Memphis, TN 38157

Funding Information

All funding is sent via ACH.

Funding Checklists:
Funding Documentation Submissions:

We require the original contract be mailed to us. You may fax or email all other documentation, as needed.  Please do not send sensitive personal information, financial or otherwise via email.

Fax 901-844-0383
Independent Bank
5050 Poplar Ave, Suite 110
Memphis, TN 38157

Lienholder Information

Dealers located in TX:

Independent Dealer Services
5050 Poplar Ave. Suite 110
Memphis, TN 38157

All other Dealers:

Independent Bank
5050 Poplar Ave. Suite 110
Memphis, TN 38157